Should you wish to consider FootPrints School as an option, there is a three step process to follow to see if our school is right for your child.

Step One:

Make an appointment for you and your child to visit us and meet with our school head. Bring the following documents with you:

  • any previous psycho-educational assessments
  • speech and language assessments
  • occupational therapy assessments
make an appointment

Step Two:

Based on the outcome of the appointment we may invite your child to attend one week trial at our school.

Within this full week period, we assess whether our school is right for your child. We observe your child on an individual level and within the classroom with peers and staff members. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals build a profile of your child and  and professionals to build a profile and a decision is made concerning placement.

If, after the trial period, our findings are that we are not suitable, recommendations regarding alternative placement will be made.

Step Three:

The trial feedback is then verbally discussed with the parents and, if appropriate, a place is offered at FootPrints School. We’ll then send you our enrollment forms for registration. Applicants are then organised from the date of registration.

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As a fully registered school with the department of education as well as ISASA parents are able to claim their school fees as part of their tax returns.