Encouraging the desire to conquer new challenges with enthusiasm


Enabling our children to function in society independantly


A sound foundation for meeting the tasks and challenges for future learning

FootPrints is an independent special needs school which promotes the potential of children through the provision of high quality education in order to equip them with skills to become productive, integrated members of society.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, we might be the right special needs school for your child.

  • Has your child struggled to keep up with the pace of other children in a remedial school environment?
  • Is your child higher functioning and you are finding that government special needs schools are not keeping up with their individual pace?
  • Does your child have general developmental delays making it difficult to find the right school?
  • Has your child experienced problems due to accidents, birth trauma, hereditary disorders, dyslexia, autism or other medical conditions?

Make an appointment to visit us and find out if we’re the right special needs school for your child.


    They've taken special notice of our daughter's strengths and have helped to foster her creative and imaginative nature. They understand that pressure causes her to shut down and that she needs regular positive reinforcement in order to feel confident enough to believe she can do the thing she thought she couldn't.

    Nikki McMahon

    If you have a child with special needs and want to have that peace of mind as your child grows older and want to see your child reach their potential, Footprints is where your child has to be.

    Sindile Ledula

    In the 4 months that Liam has been at FootPrints he is talking quite a bit more, he is pronouncing his words better and he is now kicking a ball. His personality is really blooming. Liam is even starting to use a computer and a tablet.


    Both my children's emotional and academic needs are supported, their confidence levels have soared and they continue to learn valuable life skills. They are thriving within this very nurturing and loving environment. What more could I ask for as a parent?

    Anne Lynch
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    As a fully registered school with the department of education as well as ISASA parents are able to claim their school fees as part of their tax returns.